B2B Trading Platform

While Consumer to Consumer transactions as well as Business to Consumer transactions have largely moved to online platforms such as ebay, Craigslist, Gumtree, Alibaba etc., businesses are only now starting to adopt technology to streamline their B2B transactions. Particularly in industries that rely on brokers, the advantages of connecting directly (leaving out the middleman) are obvious.

Tradeslot is offering the M4 Trading platform that allows companies to simply add their inventory and be up and running in a very short time frame. The platform is highly configurable and offers:

  • Multiple trading mechanisms (fix price listing, sealed bid tender, auction)
  • Multi currency with real time conversion
  • Multi-language capability
  • Mobility – designed for use on smart phones and tablets

Usability – Tradeslot’s M4 B2B platform is based on years of software ergonomics experience. Furthermore, it allows clients to adjust the look and feel easily to blend in seamlessly with existing corporate identity.

Security – Our trading platform is an independently tested, highly secure solution. It is currently transacting hundreds of millions of dollars in B2B deals, so there is little we take more serious than protecting the integrity of your data on the M4 platform.

Reliability – – The M4 B2B platform was “born on the Cloud”, meaning it was not just tweaked to run on the cloud, it was developed for the cloud. By embracing the best cloud providers globally, we’ve been able to achieve both uptime of up to 99.999% and superior response time even in heavy traffic.

Customizability – The M4 platform recognizes that time to market is key for most companies. You will realize from the first demo, that the platform does all the heavy lifting with ease and you as the customer can focus on the business process and refining the edges.

Scalability – Scalability is not just a question of being able to run heavy loads. In the Cloud context, it is an approach that allows you to adapt storage and compute power as needed, thereby minimising infrastructure cost.