Carbon Credit Trading Technology

In the world of carbon, there are two main types of traded units: regulated permits (essentially the right to pollute at a price per tonne of CO2, issued by a Government) and voluntary carbon credits, mostly used by companies and individuals to offset their carbon emissions.

Tradeslot has built and implemented both regulated permits and carbon credit trading technology, providing auctions for the sale of Government issued carbon permits (see case studies for detail) and a privately operated, global platform for the trade of carbon credits (www.carbontradexchange.com). The latter has become the dominating player in the voluntary carbon space, covering projects from around the world and connecting buyers and sellers in real time. The platform provides automatic clearing and payment. Its currency conversion function allows trading partners to sell a product listed in Euros to a buyer paying in US dollars but receive invoices in Australian dollars – or any other constellation. The result: a trading platform that is available anywhere globally, at any time, offering ultimate convenience to users and low maintenance costs to the operator.

As for all of Tradeslot’s systems, usability, security and 24/7 availability have been cornerstones. Apart from configuring the platform for our clients, Tradeslot typically manages the platform and takes care of the hosting (either on dedicated hardware, or through our globally recognized cloud-hosting partners).