Market based technology, especially Auction and Trading Technology, quietly revolutionizes the way companies (and Governments) sell. Tradeslot is at the forefront of designing, building and operating auction and trading platforms for a variety of industries and allocation scenarios. Our team will work with you to ensure our technology helps you achieve your strategic goals– whether they are increased transparency, reduced administrative costs or increased return-on-assets.

Tradeslot is working with large infrastructure operators and commodity industries as well as Government Agencies that are looking for reliable, highly configurable technology.

Port Capacity Auctions – CBH Group

The deregulation of the grain export industry in Australia put enormous pressure on ports to efficiently and transparently allocate capacity. CBH and Tradeslot collaborated to create a world first in the port industry.
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Carbon Credit Trading – Carbon TradeXchange

CarbonTradeXchange is the largest international exchange for voluntary carbon credits. The CTX platform allows real-time transactions and clearing. Tradeslot architected and built the end-to-end system.
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Shipping Capacity Auctions – Viterra

The success of port capacity allocation in Western Australia spread to the East coast and soon two thirds of Australian grain ports will allocate capacity through Tradeslot’s port capacity auction system.
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Carbon Auctions for Government – Clean Energy Regulator

Tradeslot collaborated with Deloitte Australia to implement a corner stone of the Australian Emissions Trading Scheme: the Carbon Unit Auction Platform. It formed an essential element of the Australian Government under Labour to establish a price on carbon and the infrastructure to sell carbon units to large polluters.
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Timber Supply Auctions – VicForests

VicForests has been a long-standing customer trusting Tradeslot’s allocation auction platform to transact over $500M in logging rights. The commercial success has been truly remarkable.
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Carbon Permit Auctions – Monash University

Monash is using a range of Tradeslot technology products, including the carbon permit auction platform, to achieve a range of educational objectives such as to simulate an end-to-end carbon market.
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Freight Capacity Auctions – Nufarm

The Logistics industry is characterized as having complex networks and thin margins. Tradeslot worked with NuFarm to let the Market resolve some of the complexity and improve margins in the process.
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Grain Trading – AgChoice

The Australian Grain industry is ripe for innovative ways of aggregating grain and automating the otherwise cumbersome process of farm to end user costing. AgChoice and Tradeslot created a platform that uses all the bells and whistles including iPhone App notifications, SMS etc.