Rough Diamond Auction Technology

The diamond industry used to be a near perfect monopoly where access was tightly controlled and price setting a one-side affair. Over the past two decades, this picture has shifted dramatically. More diamond producers evolved and started to compete for market share. As the old days of centrally set and controlled prices faded, producers started using auctions to establish true market prices for rough diamonds or the “price of the day” as Marius Kloppers (former CEO of BHP Billiton) labelled it.

Today, almost all large diamond producers are using auction platforms to sell rough diamonds. Tradeslot has evolved as the most advanced provider of rough diamond auction technology, in terms of usability, mobility and cost effectiveness. Our ascending clock auction technology is used to securely sell rough diamonds to buyers around the world – on computers, tablets and smart phones. It is hosted on the Cloud resulting in highly reliable and scalable service.

If you or your company is looking for more advanced and more cost effective Rough Diamond Auctions please contact the team at Tradeslot.