Simultaneous Multi Round (SMR) Auctions

Tradeslot provides Simultaneous Multi Round Auctions (SMR Auctions) across various industries and needs. SMR Auctions are a powerful auction format for procurement as well as allocation (sales) auctions. Lots are auctioned simultaneously, offering bidders the option to “switch” between similar lots. The multi round process eliminates gaming opportunities such as sniping, signalling or bid shading. Tradeslot has been running SMR Auctions in a number of contexts, such as Government License allocation and a large number of procurement auctions in energy, electrical supplies, dairy, chemicals, services etc.

Configurable SMR Auction Platform

Simultaneous Multi Round Auctions (SMR Auctions) used to require lengthy design phases and expensive implementations. Tradeslot has changed this paradigm. Our platform is Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) and the process from requirements gathering to go-live takes – in most circumstances – only a few weeks. This enables our customers to focus on the business outcomes rather than on IT matters. Tradeslot is offering SMR Auctions on cloud hosted infrastructure. This further accelerates the implementation and allows the technology to be run very cost effectively. Resources are ramped up for live events and essentially switched off when the platform is not in use.


As the configuration of the platform is a very quick process, Tradeslot can put a lot of emphasis on working with the client to adapt the user experience to specific requirements. This goes well beyond look-and-feel or brand adjustments. Our aim is to create user interfaces that are intuitive enough to be usable without user training. Contact us for a demonstration to experience the versatility of Tradeslot’s ergonomic design.


As users are increasingly moving to mobile devices (smart phones, tablets), the SMR Auction platform is using “responsive design” for mobile displays. Any mobile device (Android, iOS, Windows) from 4 inch screen size up is suitable to participate in auctions.

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